8 Essential Strategies for Living with a High Energy Dog

My dog is hyper! It’s a common complaint. You can go for an hour’s run and come home ready to flake, but, no, not your dog. He (or she) looks at you ‘game on’, let’s go again…and again…and again. Not only that, he’s jumping ... Read more »

10 Steps to Solving Cat Fighting Problems

If the fur’s flying in your house, the result can be cat-astrophic! Seriously, though, once your cats start fighting, it is unlikely to resolve on its own and you do need to intervene before serious injury to the cats, or you, occurs. Firstly, we need to look at why ... Read more »

Calm Time - Mat Training Your Dog in 3 Simple Steps

Training your dog to settle quietly on a mat is one of the most important and valuable exercises you can teach your dog. It teaches impulse control and promotes calmness. The benefit of mat training is that it can be applied in many situations and for the management of many ... Read more »

Settling In Your New Puppy

So, you’ve got a new puppy for Christmas. Now what? Where is it to sleep and, more to the point, how am I going to get some sleep?! Never fear, these ‘tricks of the trade’ will help you get your little fluff-ball settled happily in no time. The first ... Read more »

9 Steps to Manage Your Dog’s Storm Phobia

The atmospheric pressure drops, there is a low rumble in the distance, the wind picks up and there is a smell of ozone in the air. By now, long before we can detect it, your dog becomes clingy, trembles like jelly, paces restlessly, pants, and tries to hide or, in ... Read more »

Park the Bark!

Sleepless nights? Neighbours complaining? It's offical, your dog is driving you mad! Excessive barking is a common reason people seek professional help for their dog. Forget yelling, forget anti-barking collars... solving the problem means looking at why your dog is barking in the first place, not punishing it for barking. ... Read more »