Welcome! Come join me on 'the couch' for help on understanding and managing your pet's behaviour.

I don't care if your pet sleeps on your couch or bed (as long as you want it there!), I'm talking about the therapy couch. I am a veterinarian passionate about helping pets & people make happy and long-lasting relationships.

I started ‘Pets on the Couch’ as a behaviour consulting service to help pet owners with behaviour issues that negatively affect their lives and the relationships they have with their pets. The most common reason for relinquishment of pets is unwanted behaviour and much of this can be prevented through early socialisation, training using positive reinforcement techniques, and continuing this education throughout their lives. Pets aren't out to dominate us and we don't need to be ruling masters.

The more ‘good’ information that is available to pet owners will help to dispel old wives tales and dangerous myths that abound and serve only to keep pets miserable and ‘in their place’.

Sometimes pets have medical issues, including mental health disorders, causing behaviour problems. This is why a veterinary assessment is essential for diagnosing and treating any underlying disease. The earlier you seek help for your dog or cat, the better the outcome.

Behavioural medicine in animals is a rapidly growing and fascinating field of study. Join me on the couch to learn the latest updates in behaviour therapies to help pets enjoy longer and happier lives with us.