Pheromones for De-stressing Cats

Pheromones are chemical signals secreted by animals for communicating with members of the same species. For example, feline facial pheromones are used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Synthetic copies of these natural pheromones have been developed to assist management of stress-related problems in pets.

Feliway for Calm Kitties

Cats are territorial animals. They mark out their territory using a variety of visual and scent signals. Changes in the environment can be disturbing for the cat because of the absence or loss of these familiarisation marks. The most likely reaction to this anxiety is the onset of urine spraying and/or scratch marking around the house. Cats that are placed in an unknown environment, such as a new home or boarding in a cattery, often refuse to eat and interact or play.

Cats are also solitary animals that don’t like to share their territory. Co-habitation with other cats or animals can be highly stressful, especially if they are forced to share resources, such as food, litter trays and resting areas. The more cats in the household the worse this situation can become.

Feliway contains a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. This is what your cat is doing when it rubs its chin on objects, or you!  Using Feliway can help stop spraying, scratching, over grooming, and other unhappy behaviours by calming and reassuring cats in stressful situations, such as:

  • moving house
  • rearranging furniture or renovations
  • change in owner routine
  • visit to the vet
  • return from hospitalisation
  • boarding
  • new pet or baby in the house
  • multi-cat households
  • roaming cat in the garden

The Feliway plug-in diffuser is placed in the room or rooms most occupied by the cat and is useful for relocating a cat to a new home, settling in a new kitten or cat or other changes in the cat's environment. In multicat households the Feliway Diffuser helps to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The diffuser lasts one month and should be left on continuously. It can be used alone or in combination with the Feliway Spray.

Feliway Spray can be applied to specific areas of the house where the cat has been scratching or urine marking and is also useful for your cat's carrier to reduce transport stress, as well as on its bedding or cage during boarding.

Pheromones are a natural solution to managing stress-related problems in cats. Pheromonotherapy may be used alone or often in conjunction with other treatment options, such as environmental management, behaviour modification (specific training) and anti-anxiety medication depending on the individual animal and situation. Please contact me if you want help de-stressing your cat.