Recognising Fear and Anxiety in Pets

Fear and anxiety are the underlying factors for many of the behaviour problems seen in practice. Many pets with recurrent medical problems, such as vomiting, diarrhoea or skin problems, may also have anxiety as the underlying issue. The problem is, an anxious or fearful pet is more likely to bite. ... Read more »

No More Guilty Dogs, Please!

A common misconception is that a dog behaves badly because it is getting back at us. We think this is so because it looks guilty when we come home and discover the mess. But dogs don't actually have the capacity for complex human emotions such as guilt and revenge. Unfortunately, ... Read more »

Why Reward-Based Training Works

Dogs rely primarily on non-verbal communciation from us, such as reading our body language. To effectively train your dog it is much easier, more effective and more humane to teach it what to do by rewarding it for appropriate behaviour than it is to teach it what not to do ... Read more »

5 Steps to Solving Pet Behaviour Problems

If only pets could talk! It would be so much easier if they could simply tell us what is bothering them. Instead we have to be good observers and spend a bit of time figuring it all out. Here's the 5 crucial steps to start solving your pet's behaviour problems. ... Read more »